KT Project KT-001 Takeya Style Jizai Okimono Kirin Iron Rust Version Revoltech Kaiyodo [SOLD OUT]



- Manufacturer: Kaiyodo

- Original title: KT Project

- Character name: Kirin Iron Rust Edition

- Specification: Height approx. 16cm

- Details: The first release from the new brand "TK Project" is based on traditional Japanese art method "Jizai Okimono" (articulated iron made figures).

"Takeya style Jizai Okimono" is an articulated figure based on Takayuki Takeya's interpretation of Jizai Okimono, keeping the product motif and articulation expression to the traditional basic rules

-Eyeballs are articulated. Adjusting needle is included in the set.

Eye direction can be adjusted by placing the needle tip inside the small hole made on black pupil.

-Set includes Takya style Jizai Okimono suited display base.

The foot placing part can be chosen freely from 9 types. It can be posed from regular four legged style to 2 legged style, adding more momentum to the posing.

The stick on the bottom of the base is the eye adjusting needle.

-Can be played together with Revoltech Takeya articulated Buddhist statue series.

Note: Revoltech Buddhist statue series is sold separately.