Figma EX-004 Hirasawa Ui from K-On! Anime Figure Max Factory [SOLD OUT]

Max Factory


- Manufacturer: Max Factory

- Original title: K-On!

- Character name: Hirasawa Ui

- Specification: Height approx. 13.5cm, Non-scale

- Details: Following closely behind her older sister, comes a figma of Ui Hirasawa to continue the K-ON figma series!

Ui will only be available as a limited edition Wonder Festival item.

Three expressions are included: A simple smiling face, another smiling face with an open mouth, and a worried face - all of which can be used with her older sister Yui's figma as well.

Her schoolbag is included to keep up her reputation as a good student, and castanets are also included so she can play along with the with others.

The castanets can of course also be used by Yui to recreate the famous 'Untan' scene from the anime!