Figma 079 Makinami Mari Plug Suit Version Evangelion Max Factory [SOLD OUT]

Max Factory


- Original title: Neon Genesis Evangelion

- Character name: Mari Makinami

- Specification: Height approx. 14cm, Non-scale

- Details: - Her neck features a brand new double figma joint that allows for a multitide of new facial expressions.

- Her torso is made from a combination of hard and soft materials, leaving the feeling of the plugsuit as realistic as possible.

- You can recreate various scenes of Mari piloting her suit using the included interior of the entry-plug, which features posable renditions of the seat, control lever and more!

- Three expressions are included: A smiling face, a grinning face perfect for Mari, and even the screaming face while she was in beast mode.

- Exchangeable parts to recreate the "beast mode" scene are included, along with parts to give the back of her head a different look.

- A poseable figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.